North Star Chiropractic Center in Seattle, Helps Alleviate Car Accident Injury Pain

Injured in a car accident? Proper chiropractic care can relieve pain and aid recovery without drugs or surgery.  

Even a low speed car accident can result in injury – in fact, painful whiplash is more common after low speed impacts, as the car absorbs less of the force. For the most part, traditional medicine struggles to resolve whiplash. Chiropractic care is the answer.

North Star Chiropractic is experienced in helping patients who have been in an auto accident. Their techniques can treat whiplash, other sprains and strains and body aches. They can also help resolve headaches and nausea. Each patient gets an individualized plan of care which includes chiropractic and rehabilitation services as well as therapeutic massage (which can help with psychological recover and anxiety). They also have practice handling the paperwork needed to file a proper insurance claim.

They have a proven formula for injury rehabilitation designed to help patients get on with their life as quickly as possible. They will conduct a thorough examination to establish the source of the pain and then design a plan to not just rehabilitate but strengthen and improve overall wellness. Dr. Paul Early primarily uses the Diversified manual adjustment technique. Plans may also include heat and ice therapy and traction. All plans also include a personalized selection of stretches and exercises designed to help maintain results and prevent future injury. The exercises used are mostly bodyweight or using light equipment, so can be done at home.

Patients who have been in an auto accident will be worried about getting their vehicle repaired, dealing with their insurance company or even, in the worst case, finding a new car. They should not also have to worry about recovering from any injuries they may have sustained. They should consider contacting this Seattle chiropractor to find out what North Star Chiropractic can do to help them get back to their lives.

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North Star Chiropractic Center in Seattle, Provides Wellness Care Solutions for Better Health

Looking for some actual relief from your chronic back and neck pain instead of just masking the symptoms and treating surface treatments? If this sounds like you, then you need a skilled Seattle chiropractor that has the tools, training, and skills needed to bring lasting relief. Treatment and massage manipulation of the spine has been around for centuries and while it treats issues with the back and neck it can also bring relief from pain in other parts of the body. Many people are surprised when they find out many ailments people suffer with every day like headaches, indigestion, high blood pressure, numbness, mood swings, and many more are often either caused by spinal issues or are compounded by problems with the spine.

Quality Seattle chiropractors are the ones that focus on getting the vertebrae realigned and strengthening the muscles of the back and neck area. Good health can be attained with chiropractic care when one realizes that treating whole body issues can be done easily with proper spinal alignment and treatment. Whether you are suffering from pain associated with an injury, a health condition, or some other condition, you can find relief from seeing a local chiropractor. Neck and back pain can rob you of so much joy and happiness day after day, and it makes you dread the everyday struggle that come from just trying to get through the day. This is not the life you have to live and there is hope for a better quality of life!

You can break the chains of back pain with chiropractic care and take back control of your life! What sets North Star Chiropractic Center apart from the rest of the imitators is that they keep their focus on the person and their primary goal with every single patient is addressing the cause of the pain rather than treating just the symptoms. Only dealing with the pain and aches and stiffness is a temporary fix. Until the cause of those symptoms is dealt with, they will keep returning. So stop putting a band-aid on the issue causing your spinal pain and get real treatment. Chiropractic care focuses on getting your back and neck right so the symptoms go away and that is what you get when you come to North Star Chiropractic Center.

Let us treat you and your spine with the care and attention and respect that you deserve! Come by and see for yourself why we are the leader among Seattle Chiropractor professionals. All you have to lose is back and neck pain and you have health and wellness for your entire body to gain!

Media Contact: Dr. Paul Early DC
Company: North Star Chiropractic Center
Address: 820 NE Northgate Way, Seattle, WA 98125
Contact Phone: (206) 440-7700

How a Seattle Chiropractor Helps Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a common spinal disorder that affects millions of people across the nation. While most individuals with scoliosis are born with it, it can also develop over time due to obesity, back strain, and even certain injuries. Scoliosis is basically an abnormal lateral curvature of the spine, which can result in radiating pain across the upper and lower parts of the back. In the most extreme cases, surgical procedures may be needed to restore proper curvature, flexibility and mobility. However, a Seattle Chiropractor offers therapeutic massages and services to help alleviate the tension – and without surgery.

Scoliosis Care and Services

If you are experiencing sporadic, recurring, or chronic pain due to scoliosis, it is imperative to visit a local Seattle Chiropractor at once. With years of extensive chiropractic experience, area physicians can easily determine the severity of your issue. This, of course, is done via thermal imaging, contrast, and scans that pinpoint the affected areas, as well as the exact and underlying causes of the problem. After a careful analysis and assessment, the doctor will formulate a strategic plan of action to help reduce pain and return the spine back to its normal settings. While care plans differ from patient to patient, most spinal correction services revolve around the following:

  • Bone density increases – chiropractors may prescribe medications to help increase bone density in the spine. This will strengthen the spine, while restoring calcium and preventing further deterioration.
  • Periodic X-rays – frequent visits may be needed to monitor how large or small the curvature is. X-rays and scans will also show if the bone density medications, or in some cases heat and laser therapies, are working to restore proper spinal curvature.
  • Casting – plaster of Paris casting may be needed to help the spine go back to its normal position. While casting is mainly for infants born with scoliosis, it is also used for adults and the cast is attached to the outside of the patient’s body. Only your Seattle Chiropractor will determine how long or short the cast needs to be worn before positive results are shown.
  • Braces – like casting, braces may also be prescribed for patients suffering from scoliosis. This, however, depends on how mild or extensive the pain is. After a careful examination, the doctor will fit the patient with braces that effectively contour to their specific body shape and size. Braces may have to be worn during the day and at night –and for several weeks or months as well. Braces will stop the spine from abnormally curving but may not completely eradicate the problem as a whole.

Scoliosis Care Factors

Scoliosis does not necessarily cause lower or upper back pain. However, the abnormal curvature can add strain to the back during normal work related or social activities. The buttocks may also be forced to stick out causing unnecessary problems in the thighs and legs. With this in mind, you should never take scoliosis lightly and let a trained and dedicated chiropractor meet your needs.

For more information on scoliosis care plans, contact your local Seattle Chiropractor today:

Learn about Available Pain Relief Options with a Seattle Chiropractic Office

“There is nothing wrong with living with pain, learn to deal with it and your health issues, it is normal.” Or, “Your pain is normal it will go away in a day or two.”

This pain that was supposed to go away in a day or two has been plaguing you now for two years or more. No doctor knows what is wrong; they cannot find anything that would cause your pain. You even get the idea that the doctors you see, feel this pain is, “All in your head and your imagination.” Now, what?

Number one, pain is never a “normal thing.” Pain is not the underlying issue. Your pain is the symptom for which you have something wrong with your body, and the pain is alerting you to this fact. Just because the doctors cannot find anything wrong does not mean your pain is not legitimate.

The one thing that you and doctors need to remember is, “Never second-guess someone’s pain, pain type, the location of pain, and intensity of your pain.”

Chiropractors, long denied a place in the traditional medical profession, have at long last found a seat at the top of the medical ladder and now sit at the pinnacle of fruitful and natural treatment options, bringing to thousands of people the pain relief they have sought for years.

Traditional medicine is now slowly working with chiropractors globally to find solutions for their pain patients when traditional medicine fails to find answers. Over 90% of the time pain issues stem from structural problems with the spine. Once the chiropractor targets any problems with the spine, the pain starts to diminish.

While chiropractors sometimes do not have all the answers to pain, they come pretty darn close, closer than traditional medicine when they work their magic on painful patients. Even the skill of the chiropractor can do only so much. However, the patient finds they are better off than before they started alternative treatments.

Some of the alternative approaches to a pain-free existence for any patient lie in many different options. This doctor may use one or two or several of these techniques to alleviate pain. Sometimes, as a last resort, the doctor is forced to refer this patient to a specialist.

  • Adjustments of the spinal column
  • Heat compresses
  • Cold compresses
  • Yoga
  • Acupuncture
  • Weight loss with nutritional assessment
  • Massage Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Herbal, vitamin, and supplement therapy
  • TENS Units

Formulating Your Individualized Plan of Care

No one person is alike in health and the way they respond to a plan of care. Everyone is different. Thus, no two people react the same way. This doctor formulates an individualized plan of care, centering on specific health issues, picking and choosing the best approaches to meet your specific needs. What he formulates for you may not work for the next person.

A chiropractor never treats the pain. He addresses the underlying problem. It is vital to address the problem as this proves, many times to remove the pain once the problem is under control.

Hardly ever, does the traditional doctor take a good look at the spine, where so many pain issues originate? Approaching a patient’s underlying problem is the expertise of the skilled chiropractic doctor.

The skilled chiropractor treats the “whole” body, mind, and spirit. You would be surprised how much your mind works on your body in regards to pain issues.

In Conclusion

This Seattle chiropractor is out to educate and heal his patients of nagging pain issues if it is in his power (and it usually is). Call today for your vital consultation, and spinal exam. Never resign yourself to the fact that pain is normal, and it is what it is, and will never go away. Call and see for yourself what this esteemed chiropractor can do for you and your pain issues.