Health Issues That Respond to Chiropractic Adjustments with a Seattle Chiropractor

If you already see a Seattle Chiropractor as part of your normal health and wellness routine, then you already know how beneficial they can be and what a difference they can make in how you feel. If you have never been to a chiropractor before, then you need to discover the difference for yourself! Here are some common health issues that respond well to chiropractic adjustments:

Back Pain- upper, middle, or lower, when the spine is out of alignment it pinches nerves and causes pain and cramping and weakness in the back.

Neck pain- strains to the muscles and vertebrae of the upper spine can cause neck pain, especially in careers that have a lot of repetition or computer time.

Headache- the pounding and throbbing and pain of a headache can be caused my man factors, many of which a chiropractor can help adjust.

Blood Pressure- when the spinal system is compromised it can affect other areas such as the heart and can lead to imbalances in blood pressure and flow.

Leg Numbness- pain is not the only symptom of spinal issues- numbness, especially in the legs, is a common symptom of problems with the spine.

Shooting Pain- particularly down the legs or a single leg, can be caused by pinched nerves and conditions like sciatica and spinal stenosis among others.

Joint Weakness- problems with the joints, particularly the large ones of the knees, hips, and shoulders, can actually stem from spinal misalignments.

Digestion- problems with the spine can impact balances throughout the body and digestion issues are a common co-symptom of spinal problems.

Anxiety/Depression- hormonal imbalance is common with severe spine issues and can lead to serious conditions such as depression or even panic attacks.

There are many other common health conditions and concerns that a Seattle Chiropractor can help you with that range from recovering from chemo and surgery to getting over the cold and flu faster and much more! So make the call and find a chiropractor that works for you and that can help you get your life back!

The Benefits of Massage from a Seattle Chiropractic Office

The word “massage” might make you think of a spa – but therapeutic massage has legitimate medical benefits, which is why it may be recommended by a medical professional or offered by a Seattle chiropractor.

Therapeutic massage is designed to reduce muscle tension and tightness, helping restore mobility after an injury. It can also improve blood flow, promoting healing. That is quite aside from the mental benefits of reduced stress, improved acuity and increased energy. People recovering from an injury or accident can benefit from a massage, but many of us could use one periodically just to help with the stresses and strains of modern life.

Massage has also been shown to be beneficial to sufferers of certain chronic conditions including fibromyalgia, tension headaches, chronic anxiety, depression, myofascial pain syndrome, menopause related symptoms and sleep disorders. A trained chiropractor can tell you whether your particular problems will benefit from massage. Also, because massage therapy is non-invasive and low impact, it has few side effects and in some cases is worth trying to “see if it helps.” Even if it doesn’t, the stress relieving benefits will be apparent.

Therapeutic massage needs to be carried out by a properly trained and certified massage therapist. It is not quite the same thing as a massage you might get in a spa – in a spa, the masseur is only interested in helping you relax and enjoy yourself. A massage therapist in a chiropractic clinic is trying to help you get better and focusing on specific outcomes. They tend to be more experienced and have more credentials.

If you are recovering from an injury, involved in a profession or hobby that tends to result in sore muscles or just have a lot of aches and pains, it is worth talking to a chiropractor about the benefits of therapeutic massage.

Discover The Practices of Rehabilitation Therapy with a Seattle Chiropractor

Recovery after an injury, illness, or surgery can be lengthy and frustrating. Doctors may recommend some form of physical therapy to help you recover.

Rehabilitation therapy is a specific art of using multiple techniques together, in an individualized manner, to speed recovery, relieve pain, and restore mobility. These may include therapeutic exercises and stretches, heat and ice therapy, traction, etc. Physical therapy is vital not just to recovery from an injury, but to strengthening the body in ways which help prevent the injury from recurring or long-term weakness from developing.

This kind of therapy can be performed by a qualified sports therapist, personal trainer or a Seattle chiropractor. The advantage of going to a chiropractor is they can also provide chiropractic adjustments which can help bring injured limbs and joints back into proper, healthy alignment. Many chiropractic clinics also offer massage therapy, which can help reduce anxiety and stress and improve circulation – and thus speed healing.

Proper rehabilitation therapy reduces downtime and can help you get back to work and the various activities you love faster and with less long-term damage. By strengthening and stabilizing the body, rehabilitation therapy both encourages the restoration of health and encourages future wellness. Chiropractors also use drug-free pain relief techniques to help reduce dependence on medication and help patients “wean” off pain medication quicker and easier.

With a multi-faceted approach, they can help patients recover fast and the individualized plans of care ensure that only the therapies the patient needs are employed, with no upselling of stuff that is “good for everyone.” At the same time, they will ensure that they target the areas you need and address your specific needs.

If you have experienced an injury, you should consider going to a qualified chiropractor for comprehensive rehabilitation therapy to help you get back on course quickly.